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Dock leveler


Dock Ramp or Loading Ramp, widely used in loading bays of logistics centers, warehouses and dispatch area of fact-ories. In most cases, the container floor of truck will not be on the same level with loading bay floor. And this lead to that, forklifts or trolley can not be used to load or unload goods into container. It will take much labor to move the goods by hand. This will be very low efficient.

But with a automatic dock leveler, such problem with be solved perfectly. The stationary fixed dock leveler will be placed into a pre-built concrete pit on the loading bay. A hydraulic motor drives the platform up and down, realizing seamless joint between room ground and truck floor. Then,forklifts or trolleys can transfer goods quickly on the dock leveler platform. Thus it improves the loading&unloading efficiency obviously and also save much labor.
1. The overall assembly can bear 120% load of standard nominal load capacity. Under static pressure of 24 hours,the deformation is within 3mm. And after pressure released , the deformation will recover.
2. Platform ground is made from high-strength 8mm or above thick steel plate. Surface is processed with groove milling to make it anti-skid.
3. Hinge and Shaft , are Super-High-Temperature heat treated, to reduce its deformation
4. Whole set of hydraulic drive station is imported from Europe, with stable power output. It can work under high fre-quency because of very low work temperature of oil. High standard seal avoids oil leaking.

5. Surface treatment: Coated with epoxy resin paint, very durable and high anti-corrosive.